custom creepers

i love custom bikes and i also love fashion so i went to glenmore shoes to custom handmade me these one of a kind white creepers shoes, the handmade wedge sole is a little bit off but they got the overall look that i envisioned. 

production boardtrack style

vintage boardtrack styled hardtail frame now in production in china. interesting but looks something wrong in the overall balance of the bike.

hope in the future the guys in china will upgrade the style more similar with the flyer's single loop downtube frame combined with nicely shaped gas tank and exhaust, not to mention the super cool springer front end with vintage clip-on handlebars.

manila bikes & choppers

just visited manila bikes & choppers in edsa near roosvelt, guess they are still preparing for their opening so i just looked around. Shop is rider- friendly, nice to chill in their relaxing lounge area reading tons of amazing magazines, references, periodicals, and other bike related materials while they pamper your bike which you can readily view from the lounge thru a floor to ceiling glass wall.

vintage love

simple but lots of creativeness put into the design and style of these bikes.

auto cruisers

on display recently in taiwan motor show, 800cc cruiser with cvt full automatic transmission, twist and go just like scooters.


i'm looking for next bike to sabotage, higher displacement than my usual but not too bulky still nice, tight and old school, guess a japanese style sportster is the best cadidate, here's some of my inspirations.